A new Northstar

A new guiding light

Northstar New School Golden Thread – our knowledge and understanding of each pupil threads through their experience of an individualised curriculum while we challenge and support them to grow towards their potential.


Northstar New School

Northstar New School is designed to meet the needs of children who cannot cope in a mainstream school. Pupils will often have a history of very challenging behaviour within a school setting and perhaps at home. We offer a strong and stable staff team who are experienced and passionate about giving these children new chances. We would like to give them and their families a new north star, a new direction and focus for their educational life.
We are most successful when we help rekindle a curiosity for life and love of ideas. Getting pupils back into mainstream is always our goal.
We want to give those pupils a new sense of belonging. This will positively impact their wellbeing and ability to achieve.
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Euan Macdonald


Our Mission

To re-engage children who have not been able access education, due to the nature and complexity of their needs, through individualised and group learning.

Our Curriculum

Northstar has a broad and balanced curriculum that can be adapted to each child’s needs.

Ofsted rated - Outstanding Provider


The school is held in high regard by parents and carers. They feel that this school has made a significant difference to their children’s behaviour, well-being and happiness…


Parents Views

" J has made amazing progress this year, I have never seen him so happy to attend school even complaining when he was sick, because he wanted to go in... "
" The school is excellent at keeping me informed about D’s daily progress. I get detailed emails whenever there is a significant triumph or achievement or if something challenging has happened. This is an excellent school with excellent staff who are completely committed to their pupils. D loves it!! It has been a great relief to me to see how well he is progressing... "
" M absolutely loves coming to this school despite the long cab ride in. It will be hard having him move schools because of location, I have cried many nights over this, but because of his severe ASD, I will break it to him over the holiday... "
" P is now so much better at home, helping out and doing well back in mainstream. Thank you for giving me my son back... "
" The support and knowledge in dealing with behaviour problems is incredible! Even when as a parent I’m feeling overwhelmed, the school are there to lend a helping hand. My oldest boy attended and now my oldest girl is attending. I wish all my children could attend... "
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